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Steel fibre for concrete reinforcement

The TESTAL 50/1.0 and TESTAL 50/0.8 steel fibres are intended for concrete microreinforcement. They are usable as homogeneous fibre reinforcement, especially in concrete structures for industrial floor system, traffic pavement or non-structural prefabricated elements.

Depending on the desired properties of concrete, TESTAL 50/1.0 and TESTAL 50/0.8 steel fibres can be added at the ratio of 15 to 40 kg/m³ of concrete.

Using the steel fibres should be preceded by developing the right concrete mixture composed in a way ensuring that the concrete meets the requirements presented in the reference table. The mixture mentioned above needs to be verified by tests applicable to the intended use. The scope and conditions of use for specific fibre types and the conditions of construction works should be consistent with the manufacturer's instruction and the assumptions of engineering design.

The concrete with steel fibres can have natural aggregate added with the maximum grain size of 16 mm. The concrete compression strength should be at least C20/25 acc. to PN-EN 206-1:2003, and the w/c ratio should not exceed 0.6. Chemical admixtures which do not cause corrosion of the steel fibres can be used in order to reduce the volume of batched water.

Structures and products made of concrete with steel fibres should be maintained in the same way as regular concrete structures.

BRI Technical Approval AT-15-7066/2006

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